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Interview with Emerging Market Alternatives
Zeroing in on a New Bridge to Direct Lending in Asia-Pacific
Sep 2022

An in-depth interview with Rahul Kotwal, Founder and Managing Partner of Zerobridge.


Rahul is being interviewed by Kamal Suppal, CFA of Emerging Markets Alternatives, LLC, as part of their wrap up on their due diligence of Zerobridge Partners' APAC Direct Lending strategy.

Topics covered include:

1. The long-term structural inefficiencies underpinning the opportunities in APAC direct lending

2. Local tailwinds driving APAC's middle market real economy amidst a tougher environment for global financial conditions

3. Our inherently conservative approach to credit underwriting and deal structuring and why this will be increasingly important in potentially adverse geopolitical situations

4. The opportunity for a credit-focused investor (distinct from a hybrid or equity-focused investor) to charge liquidity and complexity premia

5. The importance of workout and restructuring experience in a private credit manager's toolkit; and

6. Why a clean slate is an advantage for fundraising and performance in a challenging financial markets environment.

Kamal and his firm spent a lot of time reviewing every aspect of our business and investment strategy. Please get in touch with him or us if you'd like to find out more.

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